Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat Delmara (180cm)


The eKO SuperLite Mat is a superior yoga travel mat that provides superior grip, weighs about 0.9 kg and can be folded to fit easily in small travel spaces! These eco yoga mats are made of biodegradable rubber that won’t fade or flake. Wherever your practice takes you, the eKO SuperLite is the best yoga mat for yogis on the go!



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The newest addition to the eKO Collection of biodegradable natural rubber mats, the eKO SuperLite provides superior grip on carpet or hard surfaces, yet weighs only about 0.9 kg and folds to fit easily in your travel bag, suitcase or purse! This natural, biodegradable material won’t flake or fade. The eKO SuperLite will leave no footprint in landfills, and is perfect for people who want to make a commitment to our planet and take their yoga practice on the road.

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